'Laugh At Me' - a Sony Bono song

This is a Sonny Bono song. 
His only hit song as a solo artist under the name Sonny, 'Laugh At Me' was released in 1965. 
Legend has it that Sonny wrote the song after he was refused entrance to Montoni's Restaurant in Hollywood because of his "hippie attire". 
Nice way to stick it to the man, Sonny! 

I love this song. 'Mott The Hoople' did a version once, too. 
So, on a sunday afternoon I snuck up into my attic studio and came up with this version. I hope you like it. 
And be sure to check out the original, too! 
Best. D
Hamburg, 10 July 2017


released July 10, 2017
I played and sang everything, yep!