Nobody Leave The Room is OUT now !

The first in a series of new 'Me And Cassity' tracks I'll be releasing in 2018.
The plan is to record & release a track per month and then see what it all adds up to at the end of the year.
Maybe put together an LP or something then. We shall see.

'Nobody Leave The Room' was written, recorded and mixed in my studio here in Hamburg, Germany. I sure had fun with it, for sure.

Anything goes.
Whatever sounds interesting, intriguing or halfway-sensible to me in the moment, I'll do. That's all there is in form of an overriding masterplan for this whole thing at the moment. And that sure feels good.

Here's what I came up with this last cold and rainy week in December 2017. I hope you enjoy 'Nobody Leave The Room' and maybe care to join me on my little journey thru the rest of 2018, song for song.
For that, stay tuned,...


Written, recorded and mixed by Dirk Darmstaedter.
Hamburg, December 2017