Wilhelmsburg, Oh Wilhelmsburg...

Wilhelmsburg (not to be mistaken for Williamsburg, Brooklyn) is a wonderful part of my hometown, Hamburg-Germany. 
It's a 'developing' neighbourhood, you could say. Meaning rents are on the rise and people are worried about gentrification and all that that implies. I was in Lisbon, Portugal last December and definitely felt what that could really mean whilst walking among the young, urban travellers checking their iPhones for the adress to their Airbnb flats. It seemed like all the local people had left town a while back. The city felt like some kind of backdrop or film set prop. Weird. 
I've had a similar feeling when walking around -say- Barcelona or San Francisco. 
It made me appreciate the unfussy, laidback, 'normal' vibe of my hometown and so I wrote this little song about that feeling. 
In the age of thirteen euro flight tickets to London and Paris and hundreds of reviews of that tiny restaurant you thought you had just discovered yourself on Foursquare,.... I think I'd rather just stay home.
So there... I said it.